Heart Whisperer

Heart Whisperer

Yinka Latevi Tuakli

I help people to hearticulate — to deepen their heart-centered communication with themselves, and with others. All my offerings are born out of my life’s experiences and the ancient teachings of my respected lineage. At its foundation, my work is aligned with the four pillars of unconditional love: Compassion, Forgiveness, Gratitude, Trust. Over time I’ve grown out of the label ‘healer’. I believe that, though some people may have special abilities, we all have the potential to be powerful healers, especially for ourselves. Now, I encourage and enable people to take responsibility for their own growth and development. As my understanding has gradually deepened, my process has become more centered on opening, healing and enhancing our communication with the beautiful little dancer dancing in the warm shadows of our chest…the heart.

Thank you Yinka, you have brought a quality of love and communication to our marriage that I did not think was possible.”  
Lauren & Carl Porter, England

A Session with Yinka

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Heart Whispering

(90 minutes): $120

How would it feel to have your heart reminded of how much it is loved and appreciated?

Within a safe and supportive environment I introduce you to an elegant process of communication using the language of the heart. Each individualized session allows you to gently release emotional and psychological blocks, enhancing your natural capacity to hear and be guided by your heart’s wisdom while deepening your acceptance of the love you truly are. Also available for couples.

The Magical Art of Storytelling

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With only a few impromptu props and a bit of open space, I will take you on a journey into the imagination. Perhaps we will find ourselves in the past or even in a distant future; certainly we will travel to another land. Prepare to be amazed, enthralled, engaged and entertained with deep, rich storytelling drawn from the well of my ancestral traditions.

Life Sculpting

(90 minutes): $120

Fear wears many disguises — release the stranglehold it has on your life:

  • Let go of those claustrophobic safety patterns that keep your progress on permanent hold
  • Open to your desire, clarify your intention and focus on what you want to manifest for yourself — allow your magnificence to breath.
  • Connect elegantly with the four vibrational qualities that open us to the abundance of universal flow: Compassion, Forgiveness, Gratitude, Trust
  • Turn up the volume on your inner guidance system
  • Ignite your passion and really ‘get’ how you need to feel to magnetize your biggest dream
  • Maintain the momentum of your passion by emphasizing the compelling quality of that inspirational feeling rather than just words (affirmations) or imagery (visualization).

African Movement Meditation

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Offered as an individual session, with a group or for couples, this deeply relaxing yet exhilarating dance-like practice is an ideal way to connect with your internal energy flow while bringing greater awareness to various parts of the body. Release tension, increase joy and feel uplifted!

I was fortunate to spend a couple of meaningful and inspirational hours with a very gifted and wonderful healer. Yinka has an amazing way of touching your inner spirit and helping you access your own heart for healing and re-energizing your life. This was one of the best two hours I have spent re-connecting to that amazing part of us that we so often neglect. Thank you Yinka for the work that you do and for helping me remember that “every breath is a kiss”.

Michelle Qureshi, Vancouver, Canada