“Attention is a form of nutrition.”

~ Unknown

Saturday Teaching Circle with Gregory


If “what we resist persists” (Carl Jung), it’s also true that bringing our gentle, non-judgmental attention to challenge is a way to shine light on the possibility of change. This may seem like an odd time of year to discuss light, given that we’ve just turned our clocks back to gain an hour of daylight in the morning as we move toward the darkest day of our year. But in our practice, we honour nature’s strategy by using the autumn and winter months for lengthy periods of introspection — shining our inner light on situations that ultimately support our personal growth. Despite our culture’s tendency toward December excess, it’s possible to regularly foster an environment of internal stillness from which we can ask questions that help guide us on our path to…en-light-enment!

Join us this season as we invite magic into every moment and enjoy a Saturday Teaching Circle focused on, you guessed it, asking questions.

Hope to see you here.
~ Gregory

Teaching Circle with Gregory, Eagle Hearty Sings

Asking Questions from the Four Directions

Deepen your relationship with the Four Directions on the Medicine Wheel

Discover how each direction can offer you guidance in its own way

Learn the language they use to communicate with you

Embrace the power of inquiry and open to possibility

Saturday, December 12th 11am-1pm
Cost: Heart Gift