One of the Four Pillars of Unconditional Love

by Yinka Latevi Tuakli

Yinka HeartsThere are many, many things in this incredible experience we call life to be grateful for. From the magnificence of the basic essentials such as breath and the fact that I have food in my stomach and somewhere safe to sleep, through to the other end of my list and the gratitude I have for the ability and the opportunity to write these words.

However, we tend not to give sufficient gratitude for the ways in which life has informed our growth. Particularly the physical, mental and emotional wisdoms gained from the variety of confusing, frustrating and often painful challenges we have experienced.

(All that stuff we try to keep tucked under the carpet!)

When I use the words ‘we tend not to give sufficient gratitude’ what I mean is, fully embracing the Acceptance that is within gratitude, and consciously allowing/using our accumulated wisdoms to shape and influence the quality of our contribution and service.

Surviving the powerful experiences of life gives us the wisdom to write a good book. However, the depth of understanding we gain from deepening compassion and forgiveness for ourselves, and releasing the emotional stranglehold and claustrophobic straight jackets we wrap around our hearts…this gives us the depth of wisdom to write a best seller. 

It deepens and enhances our ability to empathize, to connect and be of significant service to others.

Unlike the other 2 key pillars of unconditional love – Compassion and Forgiveness – it is important and powerfully useful to identify what we have gratitude for and to build a list that we focus on every day. EVERY DAY!

It cannot be overstated how powerful the influence is on our lives when we fill as many hours in a day as possible with a sense/vibration of gratitude.

Gratitude has an incredibly magnetic energy and enhances our ability to manifest and attract things into our lives.

I am tempted to launch into how crucial I think it is to have gratitude for all those shoulders upon whom we stand – our ancestors – and how this needs to be a part of our ‘non negotiable’ bottom line. However, this is a difficult and confusing subject for many people, especially if their ancestors were involved in bad things. Hmmm. I’ll leave that for another time.

Happi days
Yinka Latevi Tuakli