The warmest place to be is in your heart.

Yinka and Gregory with Tulum herbs

Gregory and I were in Mexico in January — soaking up some sun, celebrating his birthday and laying the groundwork for future winters offering Yoga workshops and Shamanic Retreats in Tulum. Some might have called it a working vacation. We like to think of it as ‘purposeful play’.

Our first day there, I kept seeing mermaids at the beach – mermaid sandcastles, adults and children half buried with decorated mermaid tails, etc. Walking along, we came to a beautiful Yoga studio — Sanara. Facing the Caribbean Sea, glass all along the front, sliding doors open to the beach: Gorgeous! We both said at once how much we’d love to work in this environment for weeks during the winter. Really, who wouldn’t?!

That afternoon, we met up with our friend Yinka Tuakli. He lives and works in Tulum during the winter. He asked if we had noticed the Sanara Yoga studio on our walk. When we shared our enthusiasm, he let us know we could connect with the owner anytime. It turns out she’s his friend who rents him his place in Tulum. Later on during our visit, we were discussing various healing herbs, essential oils and stones Yinka likes to use during his treatments as a Heart Whisperer. He held up a beautiful light blue stone and said, “Look at this pretty one. The person who gave it to me told me it’s a mermaid stone!” I just had to laugh because I knew we were exactly where we needed to be.

Meanwhile in Canada: this morning’s outside temperature was -27C . Winter is most definitely here. What an ideal time to enter the warmth of your own heart. Taking a morning break, my Lemon-Ginger Yogi teabag tab reminds me, “You will always live happy if you live with heart”.