Intuitive Practitioner & Guide

Intuitive Practitioner & Guide

Alison Clarke

Could it be that all the magic of the universe is within you? Access your inner wisdom and step into the full possibility of you…

Alison Clarke’s extraordinary capacity for intuitive exploration and lifelong passion for wholistic healing has lead her to study and work with a variety of therapies in her professional practice. A dedicated healer / practitioner for over 17 years, Alison thrives on learning, developing and incorporating specific techniques into her practice, guaranteeing that each session will be as unique as you are. Depending on your needs, treatments may include light touch or gentle massage, essential oils, body focusing, sound, guided meditation and / or breath-work. She helps you interpret your inner communications at every level — physical, mental, emotional, spiritual — which may manifest as injury, muscle tightness, disease, lack of vitality, emotional pain or trauma. Alison guides you to connect deeply with yourself, bringing greater awareness to your capacity to work in alignment with your body’s innate healing process. This energy work acts like a key, opening you to greater relaxation, revitalization and wellbeing.

Self exploration can be a journey of discovery, wonder and expansion. It brings me such delight to help people on their journey, to support each individual’s unique path. I’m continually amazed by the ingenious way in which the Universe moves to accommodate, support and celebrate every desire and intention we generate. It’s all there for us at every moment. There is nothing that excites me more than facilitating an individual’s deepest discovery of who they really are. Because the truth of who you are is Huge compared to what you might think.

Treatment Descriptions

Intuitive Healing

90 minutes: $90

Gentle and non-invasive, this energy work effects subtle but deep change at every level by helping you release tension and remove the mental, emotional and spiritual blocks keeping you from seeing and experiencing your truest self. Despite its subtlety, Intuitive Healing helps alleviate physical and emotional pain while significantly speeding your healing process.


60 minutes: $65 / 90 minutes: $90

A deeply relaxing treatment that is highly effective in helping many health-related complaints. A natural healing art that works the whole body through reflex points on the feet, reflexology can reduce stress and tension, bring the body’s energy flow into balance and help to restore natural equilibrium of the body’s own healing process.

Craniosacral Therapy

60 minutes: $65 / 90 minutes: $90

A gentle, non-invasive therapy that helps identify and gently release deeply held tensions and restrictions within the body, relieving physical pain and dysfunction while improving whole-body health, performance and well-being.

Aromatherapy Massage

60 minutes: $75

A blend of essential oils suited to your physical, mental and emotional needs is combined with the relaxing and calming experience of massage to promote the health and well-being of body and mind. Excellent for relieving stress and stress-related concerns.


60 minutes: $65 / 90 minutes: $90

A hands-on energy healing technique that works on all levels to balance and restore the body’s energy while increasing vitality and improving overall wellness. Reiki can help accelerate the body’s natural healing process and enhance physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.

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Phone: 905-355-1924

Alison’s gift for healing has been a saviour in my life. It doesn’t matter if my struggle is mental, emotional, energetic or physical (in fact they are all connected), she has some way of working with what is needed at that time.

Jenni Burke